Jesus is our rock, so we rock Jesus fearlessly. 


The mission field of the United States is far different than the mission fields of Africa. Our country is abandoning God and no one fully understands why. The US having once been strongly Christian means an unorthodox method of witnessing may be necessary in order to prevent God from being cast out of our backyard.  Is the country rejecting Jesus or His representatives? We have no absolute answers and hope you do not take this as sanctimonious.  We are simply identifying a problem that surrounds us all, and some unorthodox methods may be needed when traditional ones have been failing. 


Is the US still a Christian country? You can burn a bible, but if you burn a flag with rainbow colors it is a hate crime. At work you can deny Jesus, but if you deny the holocaust you lose your job. Does that sound Christian to you?



Jesus told us the world would reject Him, but not when.  We can't know God's mind, so have to operate as if we are responsible for expanding God's kingdom despite the amount of adversity we must face. Just because it's difficult doesn't mean we give up and wait for Jesus' second coming.  Predestination does not mean we give up the fight.



According to Google 

These Tactics require your personal story and relationship with audience. It is incomplete without it.

Telling people WHAT TO DO and how to think is ineffective. defending our understanding; while agreeing with their view is the only effective option. Bring your audience to accept a stalemate in regards to opposing information and evidence. "You won't convince me, and I won't convince you."

(Disarm them with a strange solution to a common problem that many Christians disagree on. Separating yourself from Christianity and Creating  the impression you are friend not foe.)

​ Is Earth 4.543 billion years old or 6000? Old or young?

Christians disagree about a lot of things. One is the age of the earth. Science and many Christians say it is an old earthOther Christians believe the earth is young, roughly 6000 years old. Sadly they are both right and always have been, any squabbling was unnecessary.

1. It is best to explain this by using an item nearby. Hide the item, say "pretend I'm God" then reveal the item and say you "blinked it into existence." That item will be both one second old and however old it was before you began talking. Using your wallet would mean it is however long you've owned it and a second old.

​​2. When Adam and Eve were made in a few days, how old were they? Let’s say 20. So they are both 20 years old and a few days old. Both old and young.


That means there are two planes of time and two answers, both correct. God can create things imbued with an apparent age, He is infinite


(Occam’s razor – Keep it simple.)

Occam's razor

​There is a logical principle known as Occam's razor, where, all things being equal, the correct answer to a question is the simplest one. The simplest answer is the answer that involves the fewest assumptions. This is well-known among educated people and has been used in many fields of study. People use Occam's razor everyday without realizing it.

​If you hear hoofbeats but see no animal, do you think unicorn, zebra, or horse? Horse is the simplest and most likely answer. Zebra would take a long complex explanation to make sense, but is possible. We are all surrounded by the same beauty and seek the same answers.


We are all given access to the same limited information so all things are equal. Occam's razor dictates:

Life simply makes more sense with God in it, instead of trying so hard to explain God out of it.

​God not existing invokes many assumptions: the world and universe inexplicably came into existence, the Earth was capable of sustaining life and continues to just by chance, life arose on this planet on its own somehow, simple life evolved into millions of complex forms of life including you, humans became self-aware and unlike anything else, we imagined God and never grew out of it (all the history). You are here simply because you exist, and are but a speck of cosmic dust in an impossible-to-comprehend universe, you are merely a random fluke in a random universe, and life holds no ultimate meaning. 

​The existence of God invokes fewer assumptions: God made everything and is beyond our comprehension. God sent Jesus as a way for us to comprehend.

​God existing IS the simplest answer.

God not existing is saying "I hear a zebra or unicorn and this my complex justification."

Follow this up by sharing the things you personally find beautiful in the world and what a gift from God they are.


(Prayer makes sense even if you doubt God's existence.)

Gambling a thought while wearing a seatbelt.

1.​ Say you have asked yourself this question and it helped you see power in prayer (reading the following makes this a true statement). After executing this tactic; use personal examples of prayers God answered. This is the most important part so think of them beforehand.  

Us: Do you pray? 

Them: No

Us: Why not?

Them: ???????

Us: What is the cost of a prayer?

Them: Nothing or Time or ??????

Us: No, everything costs something and time will not be sacrificed completely, prayer does not require motor skills so most people can do other things while praying. The cost is a thought, your most abundant resource in this life. Now what is the potential reward of a prayer?

Them: ????????

Us: The answer is infinite, because the possible reward is that God will answerA gamble we gladly take.


2. Alternative tactic: Seat-belts and prayer are both wise decisions.


Us: Do you wear a seat-belt? 

Them: yes, at least most of the time

Us: Me too. I know that the odds of getting into a car accident are extremely low but it does not require much effort to buckle up. If an accident does happen that seat-belt might save my life.  I look at the power of prayer as the same thing.  The future is unpredictable and dangerous, prayer is the only tool capable of offsetting that risk and does not require much effort. The old cliche adage, better safe than sorry!



If they do not care enough about themselves to potentially waste a thought, then maybe their love for their family or friends is enough to pray for them. If they refuse to even do that, you could call them selfish, but that conclusion is implicit in the question, and directly calling them out would not be acting with love.

 If God doesn't exist what would I be wasting really? Thoughts. Thoughts that help me focus on my goals, my family and friends, and becoming the best version of myself. To me it looks foolish not to pray, even if you are unsure of God's existence.

If the seed sprouts and someone invites God into their life it is a private matter between them and God. The only thing God wouldn't do for Himself is done, because we have done our best to fight the good fight.

 – A parable to explain Jesus easily.- 

(Original story by  Charles Stanley)

A man believes in God but not Jesus. His wife left for church, alone. After some time at home, he heard smacking against his window. Birds were trying to seek shelter from a horrible blizzard outside, via his closed window.

The man goes outside and opens the barn. He tries to shoo the birds inside, but they scatter. Failure. He gets bread and bird seed, then attempts to lead them with a trail of food. The birds follow for a moment, but are quickly scattered again. Failure, there is no saving them.

Having become frustrated and desperate he thinks “If I were simply a bird, I could communicate like a bird and lead them to warmth and safety.”

Then it hit him.