Jesus is our rock, so we rock Jesus. 


Jesus might as well have been a founder of our country since it was built on Christian principles. Yet today it is difficult to be young and be seen representing Him.   


Being a representative takes love, humility, self-sacrifice, and thick skin.  Thick skin was always necessary to a degree, but more so this day-in-age.  Why is that? Is the world rejecting Jesus or it's representatives?  


If we represent poorly, without love being foremost; we may push people away from God's kingdom instead of towards it. As a representative we have to try our best to represent well. It is a war out there, and the enemy is sharpening their knives. We challenge you to sharpen yours.


As Christians we do not wield knives but swords. The sword of scripture is powerful beyond measure. Merely reading it gives you a tool sharp enough to split a molecule. Sadly the sword alone is not cutting it.



Jesus told us the world would reject us, but not when.  Knowing Jesus means death is a gift.  Ergo we are invincible.  


Following Jesus intimately, leaves us fearing only one thing. Using our God-given gifts against Him. Pushing people away from Jesus instead of towards Him.  We should look at non-believers as lost children who were never given answers they could understand.  Since we only know our own heart (1 Cor 2:11) how can we say otherwise?

Some of us lived the majority of our lives in the darkness and know it well.  This knowledge makes us more capable of talking to non-believers since we were them not long ago.  We believe there is a way of making secular arguments for God.  Using their own logic against them, so that they may build a relationship with Jesus of their own for their own good.

If you do not have a knife, we give you ours. It is actually a razor, Occam’s razor, a logical principle. It works well with some practice. Keep it sharp and keep yourself ready.

None of us are perfect. All of us have a story. Everyone is broken. No matter our origin, we trust Jesus to make us whole.  We share Jesus so others may become whole as well.

Jesus is our rock, He made us invincible so we wear Him proudly.

According to Google Lady (She knows a lot)


The following is provided so that you may confidently and effectively try to defend why life with Jesus is always better than life without. A weapon to add to your arsenal for fighting the good fight. If you want it.

If God's only limitation is being invited (free will), then we should be trying to get Him invited. Plant the seed (1 Corinthians 3:5-8). And we cannot know what soil people are (Matthew 13:1-9).

​​Speaking to non-believers is an art, knowing God is truly inexplicable to someone who does not. Luckily many of us were them not long ago and remember what it is like.  These arguments were gifts along our walk and have proven effective with most anyone open to discussion over the years. Immediate agreement is unlikely, but these have minimal counterarguments. The goal is simply planting a seed or idea that is unlike anything they've heard before in a way they do not expect.  We must pretend to doubt God's existence, so that they feel understood. 


"I know God exists, but I am okay if He doesn't."  Then say "but if I die tomorrow and simply cease to exist, I am okay with that. I have received enough in this life to depart with a smile." That is a powerful statement some may find uncomfortable at first, but it is true right?



If You have ever strayed from God then you can say "I have seen hell on this earth from living apart from Jesus, and I have seen Heaven on this earth with Jesus. If I die and I do not go to heaven, that's okay.  I still made the smart decision." 

Christians disagree on almost everything. No Christian can speak negatively about other Christians without hurting Christianity. If you disagree simply say "a relationship with Jesus is fiercely personal, God hasn't lead me to see things that way. The key when talking to a non-believer is to simplify what being a Christian is, not complicate with your version of Christianity. We look foolish with so much division, but we will never divide on 3 things. 1. Jesus is God, as a human to speak to humans. 2. Be self-sacrificing. 3. Always act with love.

Hopefully they feel as if being a Christian does not demand much more than those three things. You have to read the bible obviously, but growing in the Christian walk is only possible if they first become a Christian.


(Disarm them with a smile and a strange solution to a common problem that has left both science and Biblical scholars unsatisfied.)

​ Is Earth 4.543 billion years old or 6000? Old or young?

When did God state there is only one correct answer?

​​When Adam and Eve were made in a few days, how old were they? Let’s say 20. So they are both 20 years old and a few days old. Both old and young.


That means there are two planes of time and two answers, both correct. God can create things imbued with an apparent age, He is infinite


(Occam’s razor – Keep it simple.)

Occam's razor

​There is a logical principle known as Occam's razor, where, all things being equal, the correct answer to a question is the simplest one. The simplest answer is the answer that involves the fewest assumptions.

​If you hear hoofbeats but see no animal, do you think unicorn, zebra, or horse? Horse is the simplest and most likely answer. Zebra would take a long complex explanation to make sense, but is possible. We are all surrounded by the same beauty and seek the same answers. We are all given access to the same limited information so all things are equal. Occam's razor dictates:

Life simply makes more sense with God in it, instead of trying so hard to explain God out of it.

​God not existing invokes many assumptions: the world and universe inexplicably came into existence, the Earth was capable of sustaining life and continues to just by chance, life arose on this planet on its own somehow, simple life evolved into millions of complex forms of life including you, humans became self-aware and unlike anything else, we imagined God and never grew out of it (all the history). You are here simply because you exist, and are but a speck of cosmic dust in an impossible-to-comprehend universe, you are merely a random fluke in a random universe, and life holds no ultimate meaning. 

​The existence of God invokes fewer assumptions: God made everything and is beyond our comprehension. God sent Jesus as a way for us to comprehend.

​God existing IS the simplest answer.


(Ask if they pray, because it is foolish not to. If they do, you can talk about prayer. If they don't, challenge them with gambling a thought.)

Gambling a thought

Us: Do you pray? 

Them: No

Us: Why not?

Them: ???????

Us: What is the cost of a prayer?

Them: Nothing or Time or ??????

Us: No, everything costs something and time will not be sacrificed completely, prayer does not require motor skills so most people can do other things while praying. The cost is a thought, your most abundant resource in this life. Now what is the potential reward of a prayer?

Them: ????????

Us: The answer is infinite, because the possible reward is that God will answerA gamble we gladly take.



If they do not care enough about themselves to potentially waste a thought, then maybe their love for their family or friends is enough to pray for them. If they refuse to even do that, you could call them selfish, but that conclusion is implicit in the question, and directly calling them out would not be acting with love.

The next step would be to challenge them on what a lifetime of wasted prayers would do. Organize your thoughts? Focus on goals? Identifying the people that mean most to you and thinking of how to help them? Most people do these things already, so including God in these thoughts is truly the smartest decision because the cost is so low.  Sometimes it takes a lot of prayer to show God we seriously want something, so have some patience because He loves all of us and wants the best, for all of us.


We enjoy explaining how God is asking so little of us, offers so much in return, yet we give so much of ourselves to everything else.  Bizarre contradiction. 

You can always refer to the first chapter of Romans, it says something like..... "If you question God's existence, just look at all Montana!" 


 – A parable to explain Jesus easily.- 

(Original story by  Charles Stanley)

A man believes in God but not Jesus. His wife left for church, alone. After some time at home, he heard smacking against his window. Birds were trying to seek shelter from a horrible blizzard outside, via his closed window.

The man goes outside and opens the barn. He tries to shoo the birds inside, but they scatter. Failure. He gets bread and bird seed, then attempts to lead them with a trail of food. The birds follow for a moment, but are quickly scattered again. Failure, there is no saving them.

Having become frustrated and desperate he thinks “If I were simply a bird, I could communicate like a bird and lead them to warmth and safety.”

Then it hit him.

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